10 ‘Brady Bunch’ filming locations that every fan should visit


When Sherwood Schwartz first came up with the idea for “The Brady Bunch” in the late 1960s, he didn’t envision the powerhouse pop culture icon the show became. However, the Bradys are one of the most recognizable TV families of all time. From the hilarious sitcom sequel “The Brady Brides” to the more serious drama show “The Bradys”, the cast came back for multiple sequel series before that became a fad.

As “The Brady Bunch” celebrates its 50th anniversary in 2019, all six Brady “kids” have reunited for a show that celebrates the beloved home in a whole new way. In “A Very Brady Renovation,” which premiered on HGTV on September 9, 2019, you’re able to see the house renovated to look just like it did on the show.

The cast of “A Very Brady Renovation” in front of the home — Photo courtesy of HGTV

Fans of “The Brady Bunch” know there’s something fun and special about visiting the real-life locales used for filming the show that lit up so many childhoods. The next time you’re visiting Southern California, see how many of these real-life locations from the TV show spark your interest.

The Brady Bunch house

Location: 11222 Dilling Street, North Hollywood, California 91602

The Brady Bunch house just before the recent renovationThe Brady Bunch house just before the recent renovation — Photo courtesy of HGTV

Yes, you can go by the house that was used for all the establishing shots of the beloved Brady home. It is the original house that’s also at the heart of “A Very Brady Renovation.”

Christopher Knight, who portrayed middle son Peter Brady and now has many projects going on with Christopher Knight Brands, shared with 10Best how the show is “still generating fans and generating love. The house represents that. It’s where the magic happened. We can transport all our recollections of working on the show to that house now.”

Fans can drive and walk by the home, then see it on the HGTV show as the whole renovation process is revealed each week.

The campsite

Location: 2600 Franklin Canyon Drive, Beverly Hills, California 90210

The place where where the bunch went campingThe place where where the bunch went camping — Photo courtesy of Brian Koppel

In a memorable episode from the first season of “The Brady Bunch” called “A-Camping We Will Go,” the whole newly blended family goes on a camping trip. Although there is some male vs. female conflict, it’s quickly resolved in true Brady fashion.

Most of the camping scenes were filmed in Franklin Canyon Park, and the 605-acre park hasn’t changed all that much in the 50 years since the episode was shot. You may want to go on a hike on its five miles of trails or enjoy the large picnic area when visiting this classic Brady site.

The Brady Brides house

Location: 11813 Hartsook Street, North Hollywood, California 91607

The home from "The Brady Brides" and "The Brady Girls Get Married"The home from “The Brady Brides” and “The Brady Girls Get Married” — Photo courtesy of Robin Raven

“The Brady Girls Get Married” was a pilot made-for-TV movie that featured all the original core cast members of “The Brady Bunch.” (It would be the only reunion show to ever do so.) The show turned into the hilarious 1981 sitcom “The Brady Brides.”

Jerry Houser joined the cast as Marcia’s husband, Wally, and Ron Kuhlman portrayed Jan’s husband, Phillip. The two couples bought a house together (since they couldn’t afford to buy one on their own) and they all lived with each other.

This exterior served as the home they all lived, argued and loved in. It was seen on the opening credits to each episode of “The Brady Brides” and was also used in establishing shots.

The tree where Greg became a rebel

Location: Lucy Park at Paramount Pictures Studios, 5555 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles, California 90038

The tree where Greg smokedThe tree where Greg smoked — Photo courtesy of Brian Koppel

If you take the Paramount Pictures Studio Tour, you can see multiple real-life locations from “The Brady Bunch” all at one time. Perhaps the most memorable stop is the big tree by the school where Greg was first seen doing something very unlike a Brady. He was caught smoking!

Lindsay Blake of IAMNOTASTALKER.com has been a pioneer in finding real-life Brady locations and posting them on her website. As a fan of “The Brady Bunch” since childhood, she took the Paramount tour and shared with 10Best, “Our guide alerted us to a tree in an area of the lot known as Lucy Park and informed us that it was where Greg Brady had smoked his first cigarette on the show. While the tree initially looked like an everyday ordinary perennial to me, as soon as I heard the words ‘Greg’ and ‘smoking,’ everything came into jarring focus and I could immediately picture a teenage Barry Williams in a red letter jacket smoking under its limbs.”

The grocery store where the bunch was discovered

Location: Gelson’s – Hollywood, 5877 Franklin Avenue, Los Angeles, California 90028

The grocery store where the Brady family was discoveredThe grocery store where the Brady family was discovered — Photo courtesy of Brian Koppel

In a third season episode called “And Now, A Word from Our Sponsor,” the ethics of the Brady family members are put to the test when they are discovered by Hollywood. Well, at least they’re discovered by a TV commercial producer.

However, they ultimately step away from their 15 minutes of fame because they can’t lie about laundry soap. (It’s not known where they got a reputation for being so squeaky clean!) To see the grocery store parking lot where the family was discovered, stop by the Hollywood Gelson’s supermarket.

The wedding house from the pilot

Location: 4101 Longridge Avenue, Sherman Oaks, California 91423

Mike Brady's home in the pilot episode of "The Brady Bunch"Mike Brady’s home in the pilot episode of “The Brady Bunch” — Photo courtesy of Robin Raven

Carol and Mike had a very memorable wedding in the pilot episode of “The Brady Bunch.” It would long be remembered in flashbacks on sequel series and among fans. To get a glimpse of the house seen as the wedding locale, drive by the one used for the exteriors.

Keep in mind that the nuptials, including the scenes with Fluffy the cat chasing Tiger the dog, were filmed in the backyard or at the studio. However, this home was used for the establishing shots of the wedding. In Brady canon, this is Carol’s parents’ house.

Greg and Nora’s house from “The Bradys”

Location: 2310 N. Vermont Avenue, Los Angeles, California 90027

Greg and Nora's homeGreg and Nora’s home — Photo courtesy of Brian Koppel

Greg Brady grew up to marry the lovely Nora, who was portrayed on “A Very Brady Christmas” and “The Bradys” by Caryn Richman. You can see Greg and Nora’s House in the Los Feliz area of Los Angeles.

Brian Koppel has been a Brady fan since childhood and prioritized visiting sites from the show for his website Reel to Real Movie & TV Locations. He tracked down Greg and Nora’s house from “The Bradys,” sharing with 10Best that it’s easier when the locations are still easily recognizable.

Does it look familiar? This house was also used as the Griswold house from National Lampoon’s Vacation.

Marcia’s DMV and the movie studio

Location: Paramount Pictures Studios, 5555 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles, California 90038

The gate at Paramount that was the setting for different Brady scenesThe gate at Paramount that was the setting for different Brady scenes — Photo courtesy of Brian Koppel

The iconic Bronson gate at Paramount Pictures was the main entrance that stars used to get to film and TV sets at the studio until 1978. It’s at the north end of Bronson Avenue, and this gate was used in two episodes of “The Brady Bunch.”

It can be seen as the area where Marcia is taking her driving test in the fifth season episode “The Driving Test.” This gate was also used as a fictional film studio in another episode from the fifth season called “Welcome Aboard.”

Mike Brady’s house in the pilot

Location: 12049 Iredell Street, Studio City, California 91604

Mike Brady's home in the pilot episode of "The Brady Bunch"Mike Brady’s home in the pilot episode of “The Brady Bunch” — Photo courtesy of Robin Raven

Before the family was bunched together, there was a man named Brady raising three boys on his own. In the pilot episode, Mike and the boys are shown living in the home they must have lived in before his first wife died. The house is never shown after the pilot, but you can drive by the memorable home in Studio City.

Stage 5 at Paramount Studios

Location: Paramount Pictures Studios, 5555 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles, California 90038

The stage where the show was filmedThe stage where the show was filmed — Photo courtesy of Brian Koppel

No self-guided tour of “The Brady Bunch” shooting locales would be complete without honoring the primary location. With the exception of onsite shoots and vacation episodes, pretty much all of “The Brady Bunch” scenes were shot on Stage 5 of Paramount Pictures Studios. What many people don’t know is that Stage 5 was also used for shooting “Mommie Dearest” and “Rosemary’s Baby.”

Finally, take your time in visiting the Brady locales. You may even choose to stay in The Garland in Los Angeles, which is within easy walking distance of the Brady home that’s been recently remodeled for “A Very Brady Renovation.” Remember the other homes listed are real-life residences, so just drive by and have a friend with you to take some photos. Most of all, just have fun with it.

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