Sun, squats and ‘suicide sprints’ – is this punishing Sri Lankan retreat worth the sweat?


Lying back beneath the tree, I gazed through the branches to the unblemished blue sky beyond. Sunshine dappled my skin, leaves drifted down on a hot frangipani-tinged breeze, birds nattered, the Indian Ocean pounded nearby… and Millie yelled at us to “Keep on crunching!”

Relaxing in the shade of some exotic bloom? Not a chance. Under that tree I was sweat-soaked, breath-grasping, muscle-pummelled, sweat-soaked (did I mention that?) – but totally on trend: I was one of the increasing number of travellers choosing to take a “healthy holiday”.

The global wellness industry is now worth around $4.2 trillion (£3.5 trillion), and growing at an annual rate more than twice that of tourism overall. More…

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